Our company CROCODILINO has been active in the Hellenic market for over 30 years and specializes in children’s footwear. Paying respectful attention to the sensitive childhood years we create and observe carefully each shoe during all stages of its production. We are just as present during the design of our footwear as we are during manufacturing, production and even the packaging process, ensuring that they arrive in the safest manner to the final receiver, the consumer. The design of our footwear takes place in Italy by two designer ateliers who have been our partners for many years now.

Baby Flex

For infants, we have created the innovative “baby flex” range, a special category of footwear that is designed for a baby that has just began to walk. The highest quality leather exterior and the anatomical leather insole are the best features of this series.

Anatomic Fit

The anatomical design of the leather insole hugs and protects in the best possible way the foot of the child from shock and possible ground anomalies thus helping our young friends on their first baby steps. Our shoes are extremely flexible yet offer steady support.

Extra cozy

With respect to children’s movement we produce the special support on the heel and the unique “cushion” to serve all movement of a child’s foot. The posterior part of the shoe (heel hold) is rigid so as to hold the heel steady and to guide the anterior part of the foot.

Doctor approval

Materials are chosen with detailed care so as to be adapted to our demands and still carry a guarantee of the highest quality. All our footwear is approved by a Children’s Orthopedic doctor (Mrs. Millie Constantinidou) and the soft leather inner lining provides the essential hygiene and safety.

Easy to breath

Our “little” shoes are lined with leather on the inside and are especially designed to host a sensitive child’s foot and to allow it to breathe. Furthermore they give emphasis to the unique shape of the foot and thus create a sense of ease of movement with the first try.

Easy to wear

Manufacture is guaranteed by our experienced staff focusing as much on the scholastic choice of the leather used to ensure the natural contact of the shoe with the soft skin of the child as well as on the comfort and elasticity that is required. Thus, most of the footwear bears a sticker that distinguishes their ease of wear.

Secure steps

With each order all our "little" shoes pass through rigorous checks so as to enter the European Union. They bear certificates of quality guarantee as all the materials used conform to EU health and durability specifications and are approved by experts so as to ensure no harmful materials are used even at the raw material stage of production. Every parent can thus feel absolutely confident for the correct choice they have made.


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